Got Your First Steering Committee Meeting Coming Up? I'll Help You Get Ready in Just One Hour!


You are in charge of a project that people seem to care about. It is so important that it has got the attention of a steering committee.

But now the steering committee is expecting an update from you.

And you have to prepare for a first meeting.

That's somewhat of a scary situation, right?

Well, you are nervous for a good reason, because ...

You are going to be talking to high-level people: Company executives and management representatives, a demanding client and other heavy-weights!

These are not the people you usually hang out with.

They are not your nice coworkers who'll smile and say "no worries" if you make a dumb mistake

Steering committee members are very mindful of their time

They want you to get to the point quickly.

They want to understand the real picture of your project in 5 minutes

If you start rambling about details, they have no mercy and they'll shut you up immediately.

So how do you prepare for the meeting?

What should you put on the agenda?

And what's the best order to go through the points?

And then -- issues -- what issues should you bring up in the steering update?

These are probably the kinds of questions you have right now.

Bear with me, I can help you

As a project leader in top companies, I have done dozens of steering committee updates involving a super demanding, high-profile audience which included corporate executives, directors and vendor management.

I'm happy to help you prepare for your first steering comittee meeting.

I created an online course where I cover steering committee meetings from A-Z.

New online course:

Excellent Steering Committee Meetings

A Complete Course to Help you Prepare for Your Steering Committee Meeting!

We cover agenda points, communication strategy, slide content, meeting preparation and more! You will be ready in one hour.

SC course

What you'll learn in the course:

  • What matters: The four things a steering committee really cares about
  • Meeting agenda: Essential topics for your project update
  • PowerPoint deck: We'll go through an actual PowerPoint example and I'll explain in detail why I put together each slide in the way I did
  • Delivering bad news: How to communicate issues in a professional manner while still keeping the committee's trust
  • The before and after: How I prepare each meeting and what happens after a meeting
  • Tips and tricks: Good habits that have helped me maintain good relationships with steering committees as a project manager

Included: A Powerpoint deck featuring a real project example (10 pages)

Steering Committee sample deck
  • You will get my Powerpoint slide template featuring a real project as an example.
  • Use my ready-to-use Powerpoint template to create your own deck in very little time.

How the course will help you:

  • You'll walk into the SC meeting with confidence
  • You'll be able to deliver a clear, compelling and complete picture of your project in a format that executives will appreciate
  • You'll be able to prepare a great a Powerpoint deck in just 1 hour
  • You'll avoid embarrassing mistakes that many beginners make
  • You'll be looking forward to upcoming SC meetings, seriously!

About me

Adrian Neumeyer
Adrian Neumeyer

I'm Adrian Neumeyer, CEO and Founder of Tactical Project Manager. My goal is to help you excel at leading challenging projects. Before starting Tactical Project Manager, I managed large IT implementations in the manufacturing sector.

No risk for you - Our 30-day money-back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

We put a lot of effort into making this a very useful and practical course. If you still feel it's not what you were looking for, I'm happy to give you back your investment within 30 days after your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access, so you can always access the course, the videos and all the included documents whenever you want.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

I'm committed to providing you with the best material you can find on this subject. If you still feel the course is not what you expected, I'm happy to give you back your investment within 30 days after purchase.

Join the course: Excellent Steering Committee Meetings

Included: Video course + PowerPoint template. You have lifetime access, which means you can go through the course at your own pace.