Break out of your unfulfilling and limiting dead-end job with no growth potential and step into the front-line as a respected and valued Project Manager

Learn how to authentically prove to companies that you have the right skills for a Project Manager position where people listen when you speak and your ideas actually count.

If you are reading this, you probably had a rude awakening:

Your job that once seemed like a great opportunity is actually a trap.

Yes, a trap.

Because your job is keeping you from doing the kind of work you really want to do.

Leading people.

Having a greater impact.

Seeing the end result and thinking “I have done that”.

Leading entire projects end-to-end, instead of just being a cogwheel in a machine.

But the thing is, your employer is making it hard for you to change careers.

Because pay is good.

You have made a name for yourself in the organization.

Maybe you are getting the perks of working in a big corporation.

Free lunch.

A company-sponsored car.

Paid trips to cool places.

In some way, it would be foolish to give up all of that.

And your less fortunate friends would do anything to be where you are.

But the thing is:

The longer you stay where you are …

The longer you keep doing what you do …

… the harder it will be for you to do something different.

To do the kind of work you really want to do.

To become the kind of person you want to be.

To earn the respect and status you deserve.

You have tried to advance in your current company, but it didn’t work

Sure, you don’t want to disappoint your boss.

Being a loyal worker, you tried for ways to advance at your current company.

I mean …

  • How many times have you told your boss that you wanted to have more responsibility? Lead a small team or lead a complete project end-to-end?
  • How many times have you asked to join a meeting with customers?
  • How many times have you made suggestions on how things could be improved – workflows, communication, organization, products — but nobody listened to you?

But it didn’t work.

And it can feel like nobody really wants to see you make progress.

The truth is, you are doing a great job.

You are most likely getting top reviews from your boss every year.

But you are also the indispensable cog that keeps the corporate machine running – so why should your boss put you in another role?

I mean, it’s not that your boss doesn’t want you to progress … it’s just that he needs to ensure things are not falling apart. He needs dependable and loyal worker bees who keep their commitments.

That leaves you in a hamster wheel.

You are stuck in a job where there is no growth, no challenge.

You are doing the same thing every day.

You spend most of your time alone by yourself, in front of a computer.

You have little contact with the world outside.

And even though you asked for promotions and more responsibility, nothing has really changed.

Your work has become boring and monotonous, and the challenges that made you work extra hard and feel like you’re actually making progress are long gone.

Unfortunately, this professional dissatisfaction reflects back on your personal life.

At home, you may not be the greatest person to be around.

It also becomes clear to you that if you want to improve your situation …

… there is only one way out:

You’re ready for the next step in your career – and you are willing to do whatever it takes

You’re ready to grab your piece of the pie.

Make A LOT more money.

Get more opportunities.

Buy a bigger house.

Buy yourself all the gadgets you want — without feeling guilty.

Prove to yourself that you are capable of MUCH MORE!

One thing is clear:

You never want to be stuck in a dead-end job again.

Looking at different options, you have thought about project management.

Becoming a project manager.

You have seen project managers.

They look so professional.

They are so smooth in their social skills.

They are always meeting with clients and vendors, shaking hands, and having fun doing what they do.

And it’s obvious, they are highly respected and admired by their team.

When they speak, everyone listens.

You want to become that kind of a person.

You can see yourself as a project leader.

And thinking about it, you have actually done some of that kind of work:

You have coordinated people.

You have hosted workshops.

You have created project plans.

You have spoken with clients.

You know you could become a great Project Manager, but there’s just one problem…

“How do I get my foot in the door?”
You haven’t really figured that out … how exactly to break into project management

You have already contacted recruiters.

You applied to different PM positions.

Project Analyst.

Project Coordinator.

Project Manager.

Heck, maybe even for a Project Assistant role.

But you never got considered for any of those positions.

It’s starting to get frustrating, because you don’t want to wait any longer.

You want to change jobs NOW.

And escape the hamster wheel cycle.

Make a fresh, new start.

Let me share a few thoughts with you.

First of all, if you want to break into Project Management, you need to understand what specific skills companies are looking for.

Project management requires a very unique combination of skills which form the Project Manager Skill Stack.

As you probably know already, many of these skills are actually “soft skills”.

Once you know what these skills are, you need to check which of them you already have. It could be from your past experience or from personal achievements outside of work.

The thing is, if you don’t know what these exact skills are, your application will not resonate with hiring managers and your wonderful resume that you have been tweaking for days will end up in the trash bin in the matter of seconds.

Secondly, you need to communicate your strengths in a razor-sharp manner so that your application will hit like an bomb that leaves everybody in AWE. WOW … I need to call this guy/girl ASAP!

This is where most people fail.

You know, people ask me all the time for feedback on their resume.

And they send me their bloated resumes in 10pt font, filled with all those things they have done and every project they’ve been on, every app they worked with.

Such resumes guarantee failure.

Because hiring managers and recruiters won’t be able to see whether you are a good fit.

Because your application is just 1 of 387 applications, they will move on to the next.

Your application and resume needs to be punchy and it needs to focus on those skills and experience that is relevant for the position you are applying for!

Thirdly, you need to understand that entering hundreds of online applications is not enough. You need to play a different game and be more strategic in order to land one of those high-status project management jobs.

What I’m talking about here isn’t rocket science.

Sure, it does require effort to overhaul your resume and craft a compelling cover letter, for example.

To get clarity on your strengths.

To study job openings more carefully so you understand what companies are really looking for and position yourself as the perfect match.

If you do these things – I call this the Authentic Self-Upgrade method — then you really have a good chance of becoming a project manager within the next few months.

I really think so.

One year from now, you could be running the show – managing projects. And companies are desperately looking for people like you!

I’ll be honest with you … breaking into project management is not easy.

Especially when you have never managed projects before.

But unless you have been shuffling coal for the past 50 years, there is a real chance for you to make that move.

Because companies are drowning in projects.

Projects that need a leader.

You know everything nowadays is a project

For example, organizational change management.

Developing new products.

Implementing new business strategies.

IT implementations.

Skill development initiatives.

Everything nowadays is a project.

It is really crazy.

But companies are having a hard time finding good people. People who don’t throw in the towel when things get tough. People who are willing to take the lead. People who step up. People who’d rather work around the clock to solve a problem than living with the feeling that they haven’t done enough. People who are well organized, who like structure and processes, and who are methodical in their approach.

Now think about this:

The person I just described ….

… isn’t that you?

I think we may have a match.

You probably have many of the skills to step into project management and do a decent job.

You just need somebody to guide you through the steps of making the move. Ideally someone who has gone through the process already.

Someone who encourages you to step up. Someone who takes away your concerns and your “fear of failure”.

Somebody who encourages you to stand up for yourself … your dreams, your career, more responsibility, more money, more fun so you can have a job that is fulfilling again.

Well, I’d be happy to guide you through this journey.

To help you along this process, I have created an instant-access online course which teaches you exactly how to break into project management using the skills you already have.

Introducing Your Move Into Project Management: Your fast track into project management - a course for people who are willing to step up, coordinate all the parts, and become a better version of themselves

Learn how you can become a project leader, building on the skills you already have, and using a totally authentic (but highly effective) approach.

Module 1: Your Skills & The Project Manager Skill Stack: The “Hot Skills” That Open Doors For You

Learn the secret must-have skills that companies are looking for in project management candidates. These skills form what I call the Project Manager Skill Stack – and they are your “ticket” for landing a well-paid PM job.

Use my included skill identification worksheet to discover which skills you already have and which ones you still need to grow with a bit of effort.

Why are we doing this exercise?

You will be able to leverage your existing skills and experience so that you can get into project management much faster and you’ll be much more successful in landing interviews!

In case you are concerned about lacking some skills: You don’t need to have all the skills, and you don’t need to be the “perfect candidate” for a particular job. The “perfect candidate” is an artificial construct used to deter people from applying for a job they would love to do so that they’ll remain stuck and frustrated in their hamster-wheel job until the lights go out on planet earth. Screw perfection! You just need to know which skills matter the most and then communicate the crap out of it to show employers that you can do the job! (In module 4 I’ll show you how to improve your resume 10x).

Module 2: Your Path – Let’s Shortcut Your Path Into Project Management

You will learn the different paths that can take you into project management and towards becoming a project manager.

Based on your skill assessment in module 1, you will be able to narrow down on the path which will provide you the highest chances of eventually landing a PM job and leading projects within a few months.

As you will see, there are WAY more PM opportunities than you may think – and I’ll show you how to find them. You will be able to quickly spot PM opportunities which most people don’t see (I have a job-hunting cheatsheet for you).

Module 3: How To Market Yourself: Make your resume and social media profile stand out for project management (even when you have a technical background)

Using my tips in this module, you will be able to spice up your resume dramatically – emphasizing those skills which matter for project management – so that recruiters and hiring managers will feel it would be foolish not to pick up the phone immediately and call you before you accept another offer.

You’ll learn how to quickly craft a compelling cover letter that feels personal and authentic – so that you always remain true to who you are. A cover letter that hiring managers and recruiters always would want to respond to.

All in all, you will end up with a compelling resume and social media profile that clearly stands out for project management – even when you think of yourself as a “technical person”.

Module 4: Unconventional Job Hunting Principles

To land your dream job, you have to do what other job hunters are not doing.

This involves connecting directly with hiring managers and recruiters via email, viea LinkedIn … and hopefully get them on the phone, because that will make it much easier for you to sell yourself as the right candidate.

If you have never done this before, don’t worry. I have included plug-and-play email and LinkedIn scripts that you can use to connect with those folks. And I’ll show you exactly how to identify hiring managers and connect with them in a totally authentic, professional way that doesn’t feel weird.

You have to get a little out of your comfort zone, but you anyway have to when you want to become a Project Manager. This is the time to start.

Designed to help you make a career change

I really want to help you achieve this next big step in your career and land a fulfilling job in project management. Therefore, I have made this course as practical and hands-on as possible. Apart from the videos, you will find a skill assessment sheet, a list of positions that involve PM but which are often overlooked, email scripts to connect with hiring managers and recruiters, a sample resume and cover letter. Start your career change now, I’ll guide you through the process!

Screenshots from my project management course Real-World Project Management

Hi, I'm Adrian, former Senior Project Manager and Founder of Tactical Project Manager

Adrian Neumeyer
Adrian Neumeyer

I'm Adrian Neumeyer, CEO of Tactical Project Manager and former Senior IT Project Manager with over 10 years of experience leading high-stakes, multi-million dollar projects. The decision to try project management and becoming a project manager has had a massive transformative effect on my life. Realizing that it’s usually ourselves that is holding us back from achieving greater things and that we are capable of MUCH MORE than what we think has brought me some of my proudest and happiest moments. I want to help you make the same transformation and become incredibly proud of yourself.

No risk for you - My 30-day money-back guarantee

30-day money back guarantee

I put a lot of effort into making this a very useful and practical course. If you still feel it's not what you were looking for, I'm happy to give you back your investment within 30 days after your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access, so you can always access the course, the videos and all the included documents whenever you want.

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

I'm committed to providing you with the best material you can find on this subject. If you still feel the course is not what you expected, I'm happy to give you back your investment within 30 days after purchase.

Do you also offer coaching?

Yes. I do 1:1 coaching (remotely). You can read more about my coaching offer here.

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